Facilities in place for Journeys of a Lifetime

One juncture that brings in most delight to all of the Muslims is a pilgrimage Makkah, which is the heart of Islam.

Through Umrah and Hajj, Muslims are having a belief that there is an enormous chance to attain Jannah. A majority of public, mostly from underdeveloped countries, used to spend their whole lifetime putting money aside, they anticipate that probably one day they would be getting an opportunity to reach out there once in the entire life, the Hajj obligation.

Muslims pilgrimsThe recent Umrah season had begun on Dec. 04 and will remain in continuation until the end of the Ramadan or till the last week of July. The obligation of Hajj has been prescribed only once in a lifetime, for all of the Muslim men and women who got the physical strength and the financial means to reach out to Makkah to perform it.

The Ministry of Hajj announced presently that as of yet over 3.2 million of pilgrims have arrived in the Saudi Kingdom’s air, land inlets and sea to perform Umrah this season.

The Government has a plan already in place to receive of about 06 million Umrah pilgrims the recent year, the last year there were five million pilgrims who came in the last season, according to the minister of Hajj, Bandar Hajar. The Kingdom has host services and facilities already in place to entertain the pilgrims. The Ministry of Hajj is monitoring, electronically the services that are being provided to the pilgrims.