Hajj Ministry Has Kept Umrah Travel Agents Under Strict Observation

The Ministry of Hajj has decided that they would seize bank guarantees from Umrah agents and if they are failed to provide the required services they had committed pilgrims before they embark to the journey to Madina.

Hajj Ministry Director, Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Bijawi, says that they have deployed 636 individuals who are specially trained in ten areas to ascertain that the quality of the services to the pilgrims are maintained in the Holy cities.Hajj

He said that the ministry is paying its full attention towards the Umrah tour operators operations and the services provided to the pilgrims.
They are looking to develop a direct interaction with pilgrims so as to ascertain that they get the correct feedback and understand their problem and find out the solution to improving the functionality.

He further explained that every complaint from pilgrims will be catered, and the proper measures will be taken to improve the conditions.
As per Al-Bijawi the strict and constant supervision of Umrah and tour operation have yielded considerably good results as the services from these operators have improved to a great deal.

The ministry of Hajj has been successful to sort out number of these issues and directly monitoring agreements of the housing units for the pilgrims that enable them to keep a check on the crowd movement.

There have been many issues reported in the past few seasons, wherever Umrah Travel agents did not fulfill their obligation. The Hajj Ministry is monitoring their activities closely.