Hajj Ministry is taking new steps for the issuance of Umrah Visas

Update on Umrah visas

For the pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia, new measures are in order by the Hajj Ministry for the issuance of Umrah visas in coordination with the Saudi embassies abroad.

These measures will soon see an implementation, considering the expected rise in the number of applicants for Umrah visas this season. Certainly, the number of Umrah visas given for the pilgrims during the last eight months of the previous year through Saudi Embassies was 5.5 million.

Recently, the Hajj Ministry declared the new controls and measures for issuing Hajj visas on its official website.

The controls that concern the airline companies call for fulfilling the requirement that the airline is formally adopted by a formal body in its respective country and operates according to the procedures and guidelines for delivering services for Umrah pilgrims.

The ministry reinforced that it will not approve the issuing of vouchers for any electronic payments made by a suspended company, whether on the basis of administrative processes or for breaching the regulations. It also emphasized the significance of conforming to all the controls regarding the delivery of services for pilgrims, seeing in this respect that the period permitted to perform Umrah rites is within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, new measures will be forced on pilgrims who prolong their visas in the Kingdom after execution of the religious rituals, seeing that the offices that provide Hajj and Umrah services will hold full accountability for cases of seizing wanted individuals or any criminal cases in this respect. The penalties for such omissions might include the cessation of the related office in the happening of its failure to conform to the policies, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior.