KSA Government Imposed Regulations for Hajj & Visa Applicants


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s government has imposed certain conditions and regulations for the applicants of visa for Hajj and Umrah.

The first condition for the Umrah applicants regards the entrance and exit from the Kingdom. They have been allotted just the Jeddah airport and Maddina airport from where they can enter or leave the Kingdom.

MosqueThe second restriction regards their air ticket. They have to have a confirm air ticket with round trip and onward bookings.

Hajj applicants must have to note the following conditions in order to enter the Kingdom.

They are also allotted the Jeddah Airport and Maddina airport.

They have to depart from the designated Hajj Terminal and not allowed to enter the regular functioning terminals of the airport.

During the days of Hajj, Muslim passengers who are holding the visit visas and Business visas are not allowed to use the designated airports i.e. Jeddah and Maddina for their use while non-Muslims are de-bared from this restriction. It is only for Muslims.

Hajj applicants entry for the Kingdom will not be accepted after the last date decided by the Ministry of Hajj to enter the Kingdom. He will not be accepted to board for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.