MERS Not Affecting Saudi Arabia

There are a lot of talks on the presence of MERS in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  While these talks spread over everywhere it affects the number of public coming in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Umrah and Hajj are biggest source of income for the Saudi Government, it they would be affected by any means; the Government cannot bear that loss.

The researchers, scientists and different sorts of persons explained that the virus is in preliminary stage and wouldn’t be dangerous too much.

Saudi VirusSaudi Government is making arrangement to improve the condition. The health ministry of Saudi Arabia has made several reforms to improve the condition in the kingdom. There would be a lot of public visiting Saudi kingdom this year, if this new is spread over everywhere without any verification, it causes a huge damage to Umrah operators and the different departments of Saudi Government working in this process. MERS vaccine is made available everywhere.

The ministry of Hajj has condemned the spread of this news. Mainly social media websites are engaged in this process and unreliable news are widely spreading. The visitors who are coming in have to feel safe in the environment. The environment is kept very suitable for the pilgrims and there is a lot of discussion every where.