Ministry of Hajj Strictly Monitoring Services of Travel Agents to Provide Better Facilitation

The Ministry of Hajj is strictly monitoring the activities of Travel agent so as to ensure that the guests of Allah do get proper facilitation in The Two Holy Cities.

Recently reported the companies were penalized on not providing proper facilitation to pilgrims. There were complaints against those travel agents, and once those complaints were proven, they were penalized for their acts.

It is important for the ministry to ensure that the pilgrims are being facilitated in their sacred journey. They could perform all of the obligations of Hajj and Umrah with ease and comfort and all through the environment of facilitation could be provided.

As per the highness, minister of Hajj said that those companies were charged heavily on their violations and in future such a situation could be seen, they will be charged twice for their acts. Furthermore if conditions are not improved the licenses of such companies will be cancelled, and they will be not be reinstated again.

Those fake campaigners will be deported back to their homelands and will not let to do their operations in the kingdom. There are a number of improvements that need to make out in streamlining the Umrah and Hajj operations.

These are good decisions by the Hajj ministry and a lot of fake agents are involved in such activities that are totally fraudulent as per the law. The Umrah and Hajj pilgrims should be facilitated to the maximum as being they are the guests of Allah.