Package ID: UKHU 32

If you are travelling on a budget, our 3-star packages are ideal for you. With their basic accommodations and facilities, you are sure to be happy with one of the combinations.

Package Dates:

Travel between:1st February 2020 to 15th April 2020

Hijri Dates: From Now to end of Rajab

Airline Options:

  • Saudi airlines
  • British Airways
  • Egypt Air
  • Royal Jordanian
  • Middle East Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Oman Air
  • Gulf Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates


3 Nights Makkah, 4 Nights Madinah

  • 3 Star Dar AlEiman Alkhalil, 600 Meters from Haram, 3 Nights
  • 3 StarDar AlEiman Ohud , 200 Meters from Masjid Nabwi, 4 Nights

5 Nights Makkah, 5 Nights Madinah

  • 3 Star Dar AlEiman Alsud, 200 Meters  from Haram, 5 Nights
  • 3 Star Dar Al Eiman Al Nour, 200 Meters from Masjid Nabwi, 5 Nights

6 Nights Makkah, 8 Nights Madinah

  • 3 Star Dar AlEimanAlsud, 200 Meters from Haram, 6 Nights
  • 3 Star Nada AlSalam, 200 Meters from Masjid Nabwi, 8 Nights
  • 8 Nights in Madinah for 40 prayers in Masjid Nabwi
  • Different combinations of number of nights available.
  • Your choice also possible


  • Airport and city to city pick and drop.
  • Jeddah to Makkah to Madinah to Jeddah/Madinah
  • Ford car upto 4 pax.
  • Innova for upto 7 pax
  • Hiace for upto 11 pax
  • Mini Bus for upto 28 pax


  • Double Room: From £450 per adult
  • Triple Room : From £410 per adult
  • Quad Room : From £370 per adult
  • More room options available for groups


Upto 2 children stay free of cost with parents when using existing beds.


MeccaMecca is the Saudi Arabian city in the Hejaz region. It is the birthplace of Muhammad (SAW) the Prophet of Islam and also home to the cave of Hira where Muhammad (SAW) received his first divine revelation.  Mecca is viewed as the holiest city of Islam. Its inhabitants are about 2 million, even though the Read more

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