Plenty of Business activities in recent Umrah season


In the recent season of Umrah plenty of business activities can be seen in all over the two holy cities of Makkah and Madina.

Saudi dates suppliers are working day and night on flourishing their businesses. There is a huge rush of Umrah pilgrims starting from the season and a number of visitors are growing on a daily basis.

The dates market of Madinah is full of customer to buy dates. People love to take sacred things back to their homelands presenting great Arabic art; there has been an increased traffic of pilgrims in the entire two cities.

People are going to for Ziyaraats and there is massive increase in transportation. The population will start on growing till the month of Ramadan.

There is a lot of labor staff working in both these cities from different parts of the world. Most of the labor staff belongs to Islamic countries as in the limits of Haram, non Muslims are not allowed and they are getting good wages from here.

The visitors from all over the world do like to visit these places as these places are the symbol of great history of Islam and would be of great importance in the entire Muslim world.

The merchants are very much interested to work in these areas and a lot of business activities can be seen from different parts of the world. Medina dates are very popular in the entire world. Both these cities are considered to be very important in the world economics as visitors from all over the Muslim world do like to be here to perform religious duties.