Preparations for the Hajj 2014


The Ministry of Hajj is making preparations for the upcoming Hajj early on this season, the past years analysis is going to be in consideration during the preparations. People will be served with the contracts containing the Hajj Missions.


The arrangements will be then made for the pilgrims arriving from different countries. Field service groups will be set up, and consequently the busses will be modernized to provide good transportation to passengers. Furthermore, there is also a renting plan for the buses, as well.

Hajj PilgrimageThe seasonal and contractual jobs will also be provided to contractors and individuals. Guidance workshops will be organized, also. There will be massive distribution of camps in the performance areas of Hajj. Health and Safety facilities will also be provided to each visitor.

Maps and indicators will be dispatched everywhere for the guidance. Telecommunication services will be made reliable and effective.  There will be massive hiring of the labor staff. There will be centers for information and services all around Makkah and Madinah. The ministry will also place their centers to monitor the activities through the computerized systems.

Furthermore, there is also a special program organized for the pilgrims doing hajj from inside the country. Subsequently, Hajj instructions will be passed over to every pilgrim doing the hajj.