Rumors About Umrah Cancellation

Umrah cancellation rumors have been spread over every where due to MERS coronavirus. The Ministry of Hajj has confirmed that these rumors are not true.

There has been a lot of talks in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia about the METS virus, this virus is affecting the people badly.  MERS symptoms can be viewed from online sources.

The ministry of health has confirmed that the virus is in preliminary state and they don’t suggest cancel the Umrah flights. Also people don’t need to put on masks over their faces.

UmrahThe ministry of health is making arrangement for the cure of this problem. A lot of persons are found to be affected from it but thing are improving day by day.

Mostly people from United Kingdom, United States and developed countries want to have hygienic settings for themselves. They are sensitive to viral diseases and could not resist against them.

Saudi Government is making special arrangements for them so they could be entertained to the maximum possibility. There places and residential areas are specially monitored and checked for different kinds of inspections.

The Hajj ministry also explained that there isn’t any reality in the news of cancellation of Umrah flights. These rumors are getting their fame all over the place but are not coming from the official means.

They want to inform public not to consider such rumors and keep on visiting the Holy sites of Makkah and Madina. If there would be any issue, they will be informed in advance.