The Ministry of Hajj Give Emphasis Absence of Congestion at Kingdom’s ports

The Ministry of Hajj put emphasis on the nonexistence of congestion at the Kingdom’s land, air, and seaports throughout the arrival and the departure phases in the Umrah season this year.

Appreciation to the facilitation of procedures and the acceleration on the pace of work amongst the non-governmental and governmental and bodies related to the works of Hajj and Umrah. This led to a smooth flow of departing and arriving of Mu`tamirs as well as trouble free groupings of Mu`tamirs while traveling to the Holy Mosques, and the well organized housing and transportation and arrangements. The Ministry proclaimed that more than 3,800,000 Mu`tamirs have reached out to kingdom via the land, sea, and air ports, since the start of the Umrah season among whom 3,366,531 Mu`tamirs have already gone back so far. Ministry of hajj Saudi Arabia website indicates all this information.

No congestion MakkahThe ministry has also organized development program having a slogan successful productivity for its leaders amongst them are deputy managers and general managers. This has been organized by an international company which ranks first in the classification of development and training.

His Highness Dr. Bandar ibn Muhammad Hajjar, the Minister of Hajj, exposed that, after the Ministry’s deployment of an electronic system of receiving the applications, it has been checked electronically as to when they purchase the Umrah packages and as to when to leave the place. Ministry of hajj contact contains this information.