Three new hotels opening in Makkah

New hotel Makkah pic

Saudi Arabia is the sole custodian of the Holy Kaabah and Holy mosque of Prophet PBUH in Medina. It hosts the most important part of Islamic rituals, Hajj for which millions of Muslims come to Makkah every year.Considering the spiritual responsibility of the deed, Saudi Government has ever been dedicated to facilitate the pilgrims during their call for Hajj and Umraah in the state.

Construction of the three new hotels in the Makkah is another initiative of the state to reinstate their efforts for a more facilitated experience. These newly led constructions will provide the nearest locations to the holy places and will accommodate more pilgrims than ever. These three building are under constructive auspicious of highly recognized construction companies which have already aced the market with vivid feat.

According to the official statement, Jabal Omar project is on development mode for around 2.2 million square meters of area around the Grand Mosque. This area is designed for 38 hotel towers and a massive shopping mall to meet the needs of increasing number of pilgrims. This development is a step further for accommodation of more than ten million Muslims pilgrims during the Hajj event. These 38 hotels are managed by 28 renownedcompanies with an international standard of services. These hotel are a giant incentive for the Saudi hospitality industry and will add up to 13,500 rooms in the industry.  All these projects are expected to be completed in next five years.

  1. Conrad Makkah: Along with twenty three other projects, the Jabal Omar development will construct the Conrad Makkah. Conrad Makkah will assist the State to accommodate the ever increasing number of pilgrims every year. Conrad Makkah will have 496 lavish rooms. It also contains a health club. To hold the events properly, they have arranged 4 meeting rooms and one lounge. The hotel is a best with the perspective of its prime location where you can have a quick view of the Holy mosque and Kaabah.  This is located only at 100 Km distance from Jeddah International Airport. Restaurants, and lavish and air conditioned prayer halls makes your Hajj experience a delight. Conrad Makkah is expected to open in September 2015.
  2. Abraj Al Tayseer: Holiday Inn Makkah Abraaj Al Tayseer is expected to open in the Holy city of Makkah. An agreement is signed between Inter Continental Hotel Group (IHG) and Al Majd Al Arabiah. With five towers and around 5,154 rooms, it will help to accommodate the pilgrims but will be opened only in phases. First phase of the opening will be completed where two of the five towers will be opened with around 1,650 rooms by the end of the year 2015. Its best part is the prime location of the hotel with the distance of only 900 meters from the Grand Mosque. The remaining three towers will be opened in 2018.
  3. The Abraj Kudai:Under mass price tag of 3.5 billion dollar, Abraj Kudai is set to open in 2017. Hotel features 10,000 rooms 12 towers and of course a helipad. This project is being backed by Saudi Ministry of Finance. Prime location of the place makes ittoo irresistible for the travelers as its proximity to Holy Kaaba is way too tempting. According to the official figures, this place is around 2 Km south of the Holy Kaaba complimented with a bus station which will transport pilgrims from hotel to Kaaba , a shopping mall, car parking place for a 3,000 cars, and seventy restaurants.

All three of these hotels are dedicated to smooth the pilgrimage process and loosen the burden of ever increasing number of pilgrims through accommodative measures.