Tourist Visa – Tourism Hike in Saudi Arabia

Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia

In the past few years, tourism has given great boost to Saudi economy and keeping and eye on the trends and demand, it is expected that Saudi Arabia would further rise in the market in the coming year.

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) recently proposed the issuance of tourist visas to restore tourism is the Kingdom. Once these proposals see an approval then SCTA would initiate issuing tourist visas in alignment with the Ministries of Interior and Foreign affairs.

According to Abdullah Al-Subaie, Al-Khallej Travel and Tourism Agency’s director, “Tourism agencies are awaiting the official system to deal with tourism visa. This system will regulate the visa’s duration and fees.”

He further said that the tourism sector in the Kingdom could generate real profits and job prospects, insisting the SCTA to take benefit from an opportunity to progress the country’s economy.

An estimation made by the specialists of the field has revealed the dimensions of investments in the travel and tourism market that turned out to be SR170 billion out of which SR100 billion was generated form the inbound tourism including the pilgrims.

While the approval of the tourism visa is not confirmed, SCTA’s latest conventions appeared settled, and likely to be launched in six months. The new regulations will have charge of the relation amongst various tourism amenities and the service providers. Once the protocols are functional, all establishments in the field will require holding an authorized SCTA license to verify that they have passed the crucial requirements.

The commission specified that violators, whether Saudi businesses or visitors, who break the new conventions will be penalized with up to SR 50,000. Sanctions also include blocking an SCTA member from entering and directing any tourism facility or any business involved in hospitality.