Umrah & Hajj Visa validation for 2014

Saudi Government has released new restrictions on visa for performing Umrah. The visa holder can enter from Jeddah or Medina. The visa holders must have a valid ticket with conformation. Those people who have Umrah visa are not allowed to use it for Hajj purposes.

Similarly those who have visas for hajj are not allowed to use it for Umrah. When the official period of Hajj is ongoing those Muslim passengers who have visit or business visa are not allowed to arrive at Jeddah or medina Airports.

Non Muslim passengers holding visit or business visa are allowed to enter any airport in the kingdom during the period of hajj. Hajj visa holders will enter and exit from hajj terminal only. The hajj passengers will not be allowed for boarding to Saudi Arabia after the last date of entry for hajj is passed.

The Saudi Officials has declared that the validity and the duration of stay of Umrah visas will now be off 15 days only. This will only apply to the months of Sha’ban and Ramadan. The visa duration for Umrah in Ramadan must not exceed the last day of Ramadan. The person should have to leave Saudi Arabia by the end of the month of Ramadan and he cannot celebrate Eid ul Fitr in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These new rules are subjected to immediate action. Because of the immense load of people in umrah and hajj the Saudi government is focusing on maintaining as much order in the holy cities as possible. Management of visitors is the most crucial job to do and the following rules are made to achieve that goal.